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п»їThe ABC of lesbian sexual practices
If you feel attracted to women, if you want to try another girl or if you just want to know what are the best known lesbian sexual practices, this is your article.

In recent history, gay men have stood out much more than homosexual women. And is that lesbianism has not been so persecuted, so striking or so usual in society, but it is also vital to speak to everyone very loud and clear of the rights of lesbians or everything that contributes to normalize this sexual preference beyond the morbid that can give some men see two women making love. For this precisely is being of vital importance the appearance of lesbians in television series and movies.

Sex between women is as natural as sex between two men or between a homosexual couple. Anyone has the right to fall in love and live happy their relationship, and therefore, if you want to try, if you think you're a lesbian or, simply, if you want to know the most common lesbian sexual practices, let's tell you how is sex between two women .
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The caresses, fundamental It is likely that two gay girls are more prone to caresses than a heterosexual couple. And we know much better the female body than a man, and therefore we know how to better explore the female's erogenous zones. In this way, the hands and lips reach a new dimension in lesbian sexual practices.
Rubbing the neck, nipples or groin with hands or lips is essential to warm the environment. The hugs also reach a new level. Gently rubbing the breasts of both can be very exciting, as well as the vagina. Little by little, the caresses are more and more passionate and the moment of penetration arrives.
Lesbian penetration Contrary to the cliches, penetration also exists in lesbian practices, it is even systematic. It can be through anal or vaginal sex, it can be done with the fingers, the hand, the tongue, erotic toys, dildos ... Yes, the lesbian penetration can occur in a thousand different ways and the imagination here will be your great ally. Well, the imagination and this album with the 101 best positions of the lesbian kamasutra.
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Cunnilingus and annilingusOral lesbian sex has multiple possibilities. And it is that the tongue is a tool of infinite pleasure. The cunnilingus, for example, consists of using the lips, the tongue and the saliva to cause pleasure in the vagina. This is done thanks to the movements of the tongue and breathing, which exerts a little pressure on the area and activates the sensation of pleasure.
Another less common but also very pleasant practice is annilingus. It consists of introducing the tongue in the anus and is also a large erogenous zone due to its innumerable nerve endings, which cause a pleasant tingling similar to that of cunnilingus. Of course, it should be done to a couple of full confidence and hygiene in the area should be total. Both oral sex practices are also ideal to stimulate and dilate the face area to introduce the finger or one of these incredible sex toys.
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Squirt and female orgasms, a universe of pleasure at your fingertips Although it seems that everything is said in the world of sex, every day new techniques emerge or old ideas are retaken to reach the sexual climax. It is the case of the kiss of Singapore or the slow sex, that we put some duties on the map of pleasure to have a better time when we make love. In this sense, lesbians (and heterosexual women) also have duties: do you know squirt?
The squirt is the expulsion in jet of large amounts of female ejaculation and, like everything, has its trick. Discover in this article how to get this mega female orgasm. And if you have trouble reaching orgasm, here are some tips to get it. And is that to get there, you just have to propose it! The first thing is to know your own body better ... Do you know how to masturbate?
Eye to Sexually Transmitted Diseases Although risky practices are associated with penetration of the penis in the anus or vagina, lesbian sex can also pose risks if not done safely. Therefore it is advisable not to perform risky practices such as keeping in the mouth or swallowing the female ejaculation or fisting (consisting of inserting a fist in the anus or vagina after making it dilate a lot) since this practice can cause injuries of mucous membranes, such as irritation, infection, severe contusions or even sterility.
It is also recommended to use the female condom to introduce dildos and other sex toys (or introduce it with a condom) as well as the maximum hygiene with these objects: • clean them after each use! And, finally, do not forget about gynecological visits if you have any questions. Fun yes, but with caution!]]>
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п»їButterfly position, classic and original at the same time
The butterfly position is for the adventurers. This position needs strength and ... a touch of madness! Get out of bed, and innovate with the butterfly position!

The key to start the flight is to be properly aligned with your partner. First, find a place where you can lie down and he can stand in front of you. The trick: it should be a place where your pelvis is a little below yours (the bed, if it is quite high, or a table, countertop or even the head of a car.) Raise your legs to place them on your shoulders Tilt your pelvis up so that your back forms a straight line to it, so that your sexes are in. Ask him to place his hands on your hips, so he can keep your buttocks at the perfect angle for penetration.
The secret of the position of the butterfly ...
The secret to experiencing this posture is a correct position. As we have seen before, the woman is lying on her back in a somewhat elevated place. Your butt is about 30 centimeters below your partner's. The posture of the butterfly is something original because it is not practiced in bed, which is very exciting.
To add a spicy touch to this sexual position, the woman can have her eyes blindfolded, so she can feel every movement of her body. You can also create a romantic atmosphere decorating your home with roses and candles ...
The postures derived from the position of the butterfly ... Do you like to practice the butterfly position? Because you do not experience the position of the chain, it is almost the same as that of the butterfly but with the most active girl. She climbs on a tall piece of furniture (worktop, washing machine ...), sits on the edge and leans with her arms behind her. He stands in front of her, which imprisons the man's hip between his legs. They look deeply into each other's eyes and he starts the movements back and forth while she leads.
And if you have agility, you can also experience the posture of V erotica but beware, this position requires acrobatics skills, pay attention: the woman sits on the edge of the table. He stands in front of her with his legs slightly bent. Then she leans on her shoulders, first puts her right leg and then the left up and presses them gently against his shoulders. He gives it impulse by taking it by the gluteus. You can start the games of love!
Butterfly position: a position taken from the Kamasutra The Kamasutra was written in Sanskrit and comes originally from India. It is one of the most influential books in world history. Today we can consider it as a classic of "literature". Everyone has heard about this book! The Kamasutra contains very detailed instructions about different sexual positions that you have to try ...
? And is that if you want to enhance the pleasure in your sexual relationships to get out of the routine, with the love machine, you have 100 positions to vary the sensations in bed. You do not have to be a gymnast to experience all the positions, many of them are very easy to carry out. Never again will you make excuses for not practicing sex: these postures are very pleasant! There are positions for all tastes: more daring, simpler, more classic or totally innovative ...
Do you like to make love standing up? Take note! Try this position to practice anal sex! The position is already a small sporting challenge: we guarantee that you will train! For explorers, this sexual position is particularly recommended. An incredible sexual posture for a small penis. Get out of bed and start a tour of wild discoveries!
I'm very playful today. Surprise me!
Let the luck choose for you
Illustrated Kamasutra
Find the ideal posture
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